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USAID US-Pakistani Diaspora Engagement Conference

The USAID Conference faced the challenge of unifying a diverse group of over 200 participants, including U.S.-based entrepreneurs, government officials, and media representatives, for an engaging and impactful event held at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad.

We took on the challenge with a comprehensive approach. We provided a visually impactful and cohesive representation through branding and design. Our team managed every aspect of the event, ensuring seamless logistics, facilitating interactions, and crafting a distinct identity for the conference.

The transformative event successfully brought together the US-Pakistani diaspora, creating a memorable and immersive experience. Griffin Communications played a pivotal role in orchestrating the flawless execution of the conference, leaving a lasting impact on participants and stakeholders alike.

ADC Marketing Website Redesign & Social Media Management

ADC Marketing faced a brand identity misalignment, hindering effective communication and resonance with their target audience. Their website lacked responsiveness and user-friendliness, limiting their digital presence. Social media engagement was suboptimal, not reflecting the brand's essence.

We initiated a comprehensive Branding and Design transformation, crafting a brand identity aligned with ADC Marketing's core values and target audience. Our Content Creation team wove a compelling narrative, establishing a cohesive brand story. Precision Frontend and Backend Development ensured a responsive, user-friendly website. Our Social Media Management created an immersive online experience, aligning with ADC Marketing's brand image.

The transformation resulted in a cohesive brand identity, enhancing communication and resonance. The website's responsive design and user-friendly interface elevated ADC Marketing's digital presence. Social media engagement saw a significant boost, aligning with the brand's essence and fostering a more impactful online presence.

Pakistan Insurtech Summit Social Media & Event Management

Pakistan Fintech Network (PFN) faced challenges in establishing a robust online presence and organizing Pakistan’s first Insurtech Conference.

We provided comprehensive solutions, including social media management, content calendar creation, creative artwork design, and expert event management. We navigated the complexities of organizing Pakistan's First Insurtech Conference.

Our strategic approach resulted in a successful event, elevating PFN's online visibility and fostering growth and innovation in the financial technology landscape, to make the Pakistan Insurtech Summit 2023 a success.

Akbar Kare Institute (AKI) Fundraising and Consultancy:

Children with cerebral palsy face numerous challenges, necessitating support and understanding from the community. Akbar Kare Institute (AKI), a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting these children, sought help to address fundraising gaps and enhance their outreach efforts.

We partnered with AKI, focusing on two key aspects: fundraising and consultancy. Through strategic outreach, we aimed to raise awareness and support for AKI's noble cause. Our consultants provided valuable insights to enhance fundraising strategies, connecting with communities, stakeholders, and potential donors.

This project exemplifies our commitment to leveraging communication for social impact. By combining fundraising expertise with strategic consultancy, we contributed to AKI's success and sustainability. Our efforts not only generated financial support but also fostered a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by children with cerebral palsy. This collaborative initiative aimed to make a positive difference in their lives and continues to shape positive narratives in the communities we touch.

Accelerating Silicon Valley investments in Pakistan Conference

Limited visibility and awareness of investment opportunities in Pakistan's tech sector posed a challenge for potential Silicon Valley investors. The need to bridge this gap and facilitate meaningful connections prompted the initiation of the "Accelerating Silicon Valley Investments in Pakistan Conference."

We took the lead in organizing and managing the entire conference, held on January 25, 2023, at Serena Hotel, Islamabad. Our team orchestrated comprehensive branding and design strategies to enhance the event's visibility. We seamlessly handled the intricate details of event management, ensuring a seamless and impactful experience. Additionally, we compiled a comprehensive event report to encapsulate the conference's key highlights.

The conference significantly contributed to elevating Pakistan's tech sector on the global stage. Our branding initiatives increased awareness among Silicon Valley investors about the vast potential and lucrative opportunities in the country. The well-executed event facilitated crucial connections and conversations, fostering a conducive environment for future investments. The event report serves as a testament to the success and impact of our collaborative efforts in accelerating Silicon Valley investments in Pakistan.

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) Report Design, Event & Social Media Management

The IT and IT-enabled services (ITeS) sector in Pakistan faced the challenge of uncharted territory in devising a comprehensive strategy for export growth. PSEB recognized the need to organize a landmark event for the unveiling of Pakistan's First-Ever IT and ITeS Export Strategy.

We collaborated with PSEB to orchestrate this historic event. Our team meticulously managed the entire process, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring a seamless and impactful strategy unveiling. We also compiled a detailed report, encapsulating the essence of the strategy and its potential impact on the IT industry.

This initiative underscored our dedication to driving positive change through effective communication. The event successfully brought together key industry players, policymakers, and experts, fostering dialogue on strategies to boost IT exports. The comprehensive report served as a valuable resource for stakeholders, guiding future policies and initiatives in Pakistan's IT sector. By facilitating this crucial conversation, we played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of Pakistan's IT and ITeS industry.

North Steel Website Design

North Steel, a leading player in the steel industry, faced the challenge of establishing a robust online presence that aligned with its innovative and dynamic approach. The existing website needed a comprehensive redesign to reflect the company's values, showcase its diverse capabilities, and provide an optimal user experience.

We collaborated with North Steel, delving into two critical aspects of their digital transformation: aesthetic redesign and functional enhancement. Our team worked meticulously to understand North Steel's unique identity and industry positioning, devising a visually engaging and intuitive website. Additionally, we implemented cutting-edge technologies and user-centric design principles to ensure seamless navigation and

The redesigned North Steel website stands as a testament to our prowess in transforming digital landscapes. The revitalized platform not only captures the essence of North Steel's expertise but also serves as a powerful tool for client engagement and industry visibility. The impact resonates not only in the enhanced aesthetics and functionality but also in the positive reception from North Steel's stakeholders, fostering a stronger online presence for the brand in the competitive steel market. This collaborative venture signifies our dedication to elevating businesses through innovative digital solutions, leaving a lasting imprint on the online landscape.

AHPD Social Media Management

AHPD, a leading construction company in Pakistan, faced the challenge of enhancing its online presence and effectively communicating its brand story to a wider audience. With diverse services and an impressive project portfolio, AHPD sought to strengthen its digital footprint.

Through our collaborative efforts, AHPD experienced a notable boost in its online visibility and brand recognition. The social media management strategies increased engagement and interaction, while the carefully crafted company overview presented a compelling narrative to potential clients and partners. The videography and documentaries captured the essence of AHPD's work, bringing their projects to life. The strategic outreach initiatives facilitated meaningful connections with stakeholders, further solidifying AHPD's position in the construction industry.

The redesigned North Steel website stands as a testament to our prowess in transforming digital landscapes. The revitalized platform not only captures the essence of North Steel's expertise but also serves as a powerful tool for client engagement and industry visibility. The impact resonates not only in the enhanced aesthetics and functionality but also in the positive reception from North Steel's stakeholders, fostering a stronger online presence for the brand in the competitive steel market. This collaborative venture signifies our dedication to elevating businesses through innovative digital solutions, leaving a lasting imprint on the online landscape.


EPRO Business Development, a dynamic player in Riyadh, KSA, sought to elevate its digital presence and strategically engage with its target audience. The challenge was to create a compelling narrative that showcased EPRO's financial consulting expertise and attract top-tier talent.

In close collaboration with EPRO, We embarked on a comprehensive strategy. Our team spearheaded social media management, implementing effective lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn. We delved into creative content creation to highlight EPRO's unique value proposition and undertook a website development overhaul to ensure a seamless digital experience.

The results were transformative. EPRO's social media engagement soared, fostering meaningful connections and expanding its online community. Our targeted lead generation efforts on LinkedIn yielded high-quality leads, enhancing EPRO's outreach to potential clients and partners. The creative content became a compelling showcase of EPRO's financial consulting prowess, capturing the attention of industry professionals. The revamped website now stands as a digital testament to EPRO's commitment to excellence, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.


Griffin Communications orchestrated a remarkable one-day event for Beaconhouse School System's Annual Excellence Awards. The occasion showcased our expertise in providing end-to-end solutions, offering a blend of team-building activities, an awards ceremony, and a unique food street experience.

We provided comprehensive solutions, including social media management, content calendar creation, creative artwork design, and expert event management. We navigated the complexities of organizing Pakistan's First Insurtech Conference.

The event significantly enhanced Beaconhouse School System's brand image, creating a visually cohesive atmosphere. Our flawless execution and comprehensive event solutions contributed to a positive and well-organized experience. The event montage, a testament to our commitment to lasting memories, encapsulates the essence of the Annual Excellence Awards for years to come.


Pakistan Environment Trust (PET) approached us with a crucial challenge – the need to effectively communicate their environmental initiatives and accomplishments to a wider audience. They faced the struggle of conveying complex information visually appealing and accessible manner that would resonate with diverse stakeholders.

In response to PET's challenge, we devised a comprehensive solution centered around impactful design. Our team meticulously crafted a vibrant report design, marrying aesthetic appeal with informational depth. Through engaging artwork and thoughtful layout, we aimed to transform intricate environmental data into a visually compelling narrative. This approach not only addressed the client's communication hurdle but also aligned seamlessly with PET's mission of spreading awareness and fostering environmental stewardship

The impact of our design work for PET has been significant. The visually captivating report not only succeeded in effectively communicating PET's initiatives but also played a pivotal role in capturing the attention of a broader audience. The aesthetically pleasing design enhanced PET's credibility and contributed to increased awareness and support for their environmental causes. Our collaboration stands as a testament to the transformative power of impactful design in driving positive change.

Pathfinder International and USAID Documentary on International Women’s Day

Griffin Communications teamed up with Path Finder and USAID to create a short film/documentary for International Women's Day, aiming to spotlight the challenges of Pakistani women while showcasing the Ministry of Health and USAID's supportive initiatives.

Our collaboration involved crafting a compelling narrative that authentically captured the experiences of Pakistani women. Through careful planning and creative storytelling, we produced a film that resonated with viewers, shedding light on the struggles and triumphs of these women.

The short film/documentary struck a chord with audiences, sparking important conversations and driving awareness about the issues faced by Pakistani women. It showcased the impactful work of the Ministry of Health and USAID, inspiring action towards gender equality and empowerment. Our partnership amplified the voices of Pakistani women, fostering empathy and solidarity within the community

TKF Climate Change Initiatives Event and Social Media Management

In an effort to disseminate critical information on climate action, Tameer E Khalaq Foundation aligned with Griffin Communications. This strategic alliance was forged to orchestrate events and social media campaigns that would propel the Climate Change Unit into the limelight as vanguards of environmental advocacy.

Our team at Griffin Communications meticulously planned and executed a series of dynamic events while concurrently steering the social media helm. This dual approach ensured that each event not only engaged the local community but also resonated across digital channels, creating waves of online engagement.

The result of this synergistic partnership was a palpable increase in community engagement and online presence for the Foundation. Through event highlights and social media traction, the Climate Change Unit's initiatives garnered widespread attention, cementing TKF's reputation as a leader in climate change advocacy.

UNIDO and PFAID Short Documentary on International Women’s Day

Griffin Communications partnered with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and PFAID to create a documentary in honor of International Women's Day, spotlighting Pakistani women in the industrial sector.

Our team developed a documentary that captured the experiences and contributions of Pakistani women working in various industrial fields. Through interviews and storytelling, we showcased their resilience and determination.

The documentary highlighted UNIDO's efforts in empowering Pakistani women and shed light on their significant contributions to the industrial sector. It served as a platform to amplify the voices of these women, inspiring others and fostering awareness about gender equality in the industry.

Dineticq’s Social Media Management and Branding

Dineticq, a cricket coaching platform, sought to establish itself as a leading force in the cricket industry, focusing on innovation and data-driven techniques. With a focus on expanding its influence both locally in the UK and globally

Griffin Communications devised a comprehensive strategy to address Dineticq's objectives. Using our expertise in social media management, website development, and communication strategy, we embarked on a diverse approach to increase Dineticq's brand presence. Our team crafted engaging social media campaigns, developed a user-friendly and visually appealing website, and implemented targeted communication strategies to effectively convey Dineticq's unique value proposition and expertise in cricket coaching.

Our efforts successfully positioned Dineticq as a pioneer in the field of cricket coaching, showcasing its innovative approaches and techniques. This elevated status not only expanded Dineticq's influence within the UK but also gained recognition on a huge scale.

TKF Climate Change Initiatives Communication Plan

Tameer E Khalaq Foundation has joined forces with Griffin Communications to bolster its influence in promoting climate change awareness. With a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing the Climate Change Unit's visibility, TKF is on a steadfast mission to become a torchbearer in environmental stewardship.

Griffin Communications crafted a bespoke communication strategy to amplify TKF's message across multiple platforms. By refining the Foundation's narrative and sharpening its outreach techniques, we provided TKF with the tools needed to connect with and inspire a broader audience on the urgent issues of climate change.

Our collaborative approach has positioned the Tameer E Khalaq Foundation at the forefront of environmental discourse. The Climate Change Unit, with its heightened profile, now leads the conversation on ecological preservation, galvanizing public support and inciting actionable change within the community.

Sonotu Branding and Artwork Design

Working with Sonotu, we provided business card and banner design services to enhance their visibility.

Our team crafted compelling business cards and banners to showcase Sonotu's hearing aid services to a global audience.

These materials significantly expanded Sonotu's reach, effectively promoting their hearing aid services worldwide and increasing awareness of their offerings.

Vista Tourism Website Development and Brochure Development

Partnering with Vista Tourism, we managed social media, developed websites, and creative services to enhance their brand image.

Our team executed comprehensive social media management, website development, and brochure production services to position Vista Tourism as a premier agency in the tourism sector.

Our efforts significantly elevated Vista Tourism's profile, attracting international visitors and contributing to the growth of Pakistan’s tourism sector.

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